Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Garden shots



I haven't posted in a long time...over two months, actually. They've been busy months - finishing up the semester, presenting at three conferences (and working local arrangements at one of them...bad idea to to both!). Two on sustainability in libraries with my colleagues Mike Crumpton and Beth Filar-Williams and one on my other current obsession, composer Louise Talma. And the last two weekends I've travelled to Maryland and New England to celebrate the wonderful graduation of Eleanor Ruth LeBosquet Stedman (AKA Nora) from Sandy Spring Friends School. Congratulations, Nora!!

At the same time as all of this, thanks to the excellent Lulu Curry (my friend and quasi Irish landlady) - we have started a garden together! Very exciting because I've never really had one before and also cool because when I keep going away, she is there to water it (and vise versa). We have harvested three sungold tomatoes so far and are they yummy!

I thought I'd show some history of the garden photos...from the beginning... so here they are - some with descriptions/ need! Enjoy!

American Classic with a Greensboro twist!

This is the side garden right in front of my house...more sun there...

And then the starts! So cute:

Soon to be planted in the soil...they were so patient!

Ground prepped

From inside my house...

We have the broccoli/pepper quadrant (SE corner), the squash/zucchini quadrant (SW), the herb quadrant (NE) and the tomato(four kinds)/okra quadrant (NW).

More photos later...sweet (and tasty) dreams!