Sunday, September 6, 2009

Earthly Delights!

Hmm, well, it has been so long (again) since a post.  This by no means suggests that cosmicity has not been abounding, no, not at all!  In fact, the amount of lovely cosmicity this summer (and beginning of the semster here in Greensboro) has really been astounding - for me anyway.

So I think what I'll do is catch up  Some interim garden shots - we are STILL reaping the benefits of the excellent garden.  The sungold tomatoes are still delicious and have been coming so fast we've had to give them away.  I have to say that if not for Lu this garden would not have survived.  Between trips north and to Amsterdam and to the west coast and DC (to visit Robin and Louise), well, it would have dried up completely without her generous watering.  And there was that time when Lu was away and then she got sick...but now she's better - yay!  But I had to do most of the eating during those times (lucky me!).  But I needed help. 

Aside from the sungolds we had some lovely sweet grape tomatoes from the generous Beth Filar-Williams and her Joe - they gave us a couple of starts and they are both still producing yummy little red treats.  Also, I have learned that zucchini in the weekly stir-fry is a wonderful thing and zucchini bread is delicious.  A little squash, a couple of peppers (actually getting more now and hoping they done get "overdone").  A little okra (Lu's fav) and some catnip (Calvin's choice) too.  Some funky broccoli, delicious herbs - especially basil - contemplating making pesto this lovely long weekend...we'll see.  And the big tomatoes too!  Seems a bounty to me!  Next year?  Cucumbers for sure!

So, here are some choice garden shots from over the summer.  Then I'm going to do a Nora grad post (both MD and NH) and then an Amsterdam post and then a west coast post (hey, that rhymes!).  Ambitious, I know (we'll see how far I get...maybe by xmas - ha ha!).  Then I'll be up to now and might post about the photo show that is up now with photos by Mark Stewart (a library colleague who works at Jackson Library) and me.  Tee hee! 

Random garden shots: