Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hawai'i!! Celebrating so much in Paradise!

WHOOPS - started this blog post over a year ago (it is nowhere "finished" but I'm posting it anyway). TOTALLY forgot about it. #lifegetsoverwhelmingsometimes

I just got back from an incredible journey to paradise.  Hawai'i really is amazing state of the union with so many gifts.  Adventures included: a stay with a dear friend on Maui with side trips to snorkeling with whales, climbing to the sky, seeing way big waves, bonding with my sister Ellie in yet a new way, going to Oahu and coming out as an "ecomusicologist" at an international conference talking about the amazing Louise Talma, enjoying that heart-opening conference, sailing at sunset with whales and flying for a whole day almost. Phew.  And today I get to celebrate my birthday (same day as MLK!) by posting some of the hundreds of photos!  Lucky me!  Recuperation with preparation for work, photos, exercise, music and a very cute kitty.  Life is good, thank you all!

sunset while landing in Chicago

 Landing in San Francisco - cool patterns!

 Way cool water bottle refill station - SFO - way to go!

 First view of Maui - wowee!
 Jet-lagged, lei-wearing SBD!
 Our destination - up gorgeous!

I wish you could post a smell - so fragrant!

Just lost 120, will resume later after frustration level subsides...sigh...breathe, be mature, (*&&^&%^&%$^%$)

Ascent to Haleakala