Thursday, November 17, 2011

Better late than never...beach photos!

I went to the beach last month.  The sound of the waves is like medicine for me because I grew up next to the ocean (and I had a pretty much idyllic childhood).  I just hear those waves and my blood pressure drops to a bliss zone.  There are two things that I do with abandon when I am at the beach:  collect shells and, yes, take photos.  Here you go - too many photos, again (these aren't even all of them - the delight of the digital!).  [And if I think these photos are late...what are all those Ireland photos...past due?  Stay tuned!]  Oh, and my camera died (so sad), so these are taken with a new one (another canon).  Random comments included...enjoy!  (especially Diane who could not make it this time!!!  Hope it was a good Haiti trip!)

 Evidence of Irene's visit

 Oil turd shows off shell fragments so nicely

 Mini oil spill

 Jelly fish with sand - cool design

 The beach is also all about the sky

 If you look really closely...dolphins!

 All about the sky and reflections!

 All kinds of birds!

 Pelicans are so amazing!

 Turns out this is what my running on the beach looks like!  Who knew?

 Yes, I confess, I disturbed them for a photo or two...

 And another group...
 Love the reflections here!

 Zooming in...

 Yes, it was windy!

 The reflection on the windows!

 Sunset coming...


 Another sunrise...