Monday, February 23, 2009

The Chicago Bean - cosmic visuals...

I just got back from Chicago and though I am a bit sleep deprived (cousine bonding and library conference in Chi and then early plane flight - don't ask! - dress rehearsal till 10:30 for UNCG orchestra concert last night (and concert tonight - 7:30, Aycock) and, ya know the 8am thing for work...bla bla) - OK, established that I am in fuzzy brain land...

But one of my favorite things in this delightful city is the here are some of my fav shots from (or at, of?) the bean. Hmmm, good practice, right?

Looks perfectly innocent, right - lovely reflective item....ha! See below:

Just kind of looks cosmic to me. Had to share (with myself mostly tee hee!). And I am in all of these photos somewhere with my cool cousines Katie and Polly (see below).

(yes, one more bean photo...maybe not the last)

Ciao Chicago!


  1. I TOTALLY love these bean pics!! They look like some tame ceramic thing with blue on white glaze, then it all goes crazy!! And to know that you and your cousins are in there...

  2. Thanks! I think they are fun - the people that made that bean happen did a really good thing!