Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Greensboro!

Got to march in Greensboro today - October 15, 2011.  Lovely day for a march!  Here are some photos.

 This is the sign that I chose from the ones that were created for those of us who did not bring our own.
For some reason when I picked it up I thought the word on the bottom was corporation...hmmm...
Word association, much?

Yay!  Cackalack thunder!!!

 I was really happy to run into my friend Kathy LaPoint - I don't get to see her enough - we marched through the streets of Greensboro together.  It was lovely.

 One of my favorite people at UNCG, the poet, Mark Smith-Soto.

 My neighbor, Bill - it was good to see lots of people I knew at this event!  Good turnout, Greensboro!

 There was some poetry marching past the Civil Rights Museum.

 The librarian in me loves this!

 Ansel and Rev's first protest as a married couple - less than a week after they got hitched in TN.  (Walt's first protest, I think)

 Walt looking for a friend!

One of my favorite signs!

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