Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011/2012 - Mostly Blackwater...

Happy New Year!!!!  What a delicious year 2011 was - here is some evidence.  Onward to more delight in 2012!

I have various photos from this year that I want to share and preserve here, so I'm just going to post away.

To start out with, some random flower shots from here and there.  Enjoy!

And here are some Blackwater (NH) shots from last June/July - my writing retreat.  OK, this is as far as I got.  Still have more Ireland shots and the holidays...sigh...over indulgence is a mixed delight!  A couple of comments on these, but considering I was there for almost three weeks (and did get some work done too), I think I did a good job of choosing from the hundreds of images...a distillation...a mere 180!

Taking the computer across the river to recharge it!  

 What is the *point* of this shot?   Look closely!

 Coast of Maine for a weekend wedding celebration...

 Back to the kerosene lamps!

 Marny/Kristin and my Mom enjoying a Blackwater breakfast!
 Working upstairs

 A blissful mom - improving on nature...

 A visit from Bruce and Connor.

 Pedro and Brucifer.

 Working downstairs.

 Leenda and her Sachi (RIP).

 Mom cutting a special tree...

 See!?  I fixed it with duct tape!
 More cowbell!

 The photographer at work!

 Sunset and the moon over the swimming hole...

 Yummy morning mist!

 Canoeing companion?

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