Monday, May 12, 2014

Catching up on Adventures and anticipating...

There have been so many adventures recently, it is really quite astounding! If I go backwards:

1.  My mom turned 90 years old on Monday, May 5, 2014, a mere week ago today!!!  WOW!! (and, oh by the way it is my bro's birthday!!). Here is a photo of them in Toronto the day before her birthday at Dan and Jasmine's wedding Sunday brunch. My sweet cousin Libbeth (Dan's mom) made sure there was a cake:

2. We (my mom, my bro, my niece and I) went to Dan and Jasmine's wedding in Toronto the weekend before the big 90th which was one adventure after another including a Chinese Tea Ceremony, DRAGONS (!) and dining at Hogwarts! So much fun with cousins was had including LOTS of boogying and Toronto is a cool city.

Fuzzy one of the newly minted married couple (gorgeous and delightful, both!):

And my mom taking part in the amazing Tea Ceremony (also fuzzy):

3. My second three week residency at VCCA (Virginia Center for the Creative Arts) in April (mostly) - good work was accomplished, I walked every evening after dinner (thank you, Martha) and met some old friends and a bunch of new ones. There is no way to summarize the astounding value of VCCA, so suffice to say, it is STILL paradise!!

No way to capture in a couple of photos, but here are two anyway:



4. I had yet another beach adventure with my dear friend who gets me to the beach in the fall and in the spring. I would never see the ocean if not for her.  Thank you, Diane!!

(not Diane):

I should be posting photos galore for each of these adventures, but internet is slow and time is tight. If I find some moments I'll add visuals...(those here are symbolic tips of the proverbial icebergs)

BUT the NEXT adventure is why I am reviving this now and again blog. My friend of 30 years and I are going NEXT WEEK to Scotland to walk the East Highland Way. Here is some info about this walking holiday if you are interested:

I was determined to have a walking adventure to celebrate turning 60 this year (essay at the end of this all will have this catchy title: Sarah Celebrates Sixty in Scotland...with Linda). I told Linda and she said, "Oh, I've always wanted to go to Scotland!" I stopped, thought a moment, and said, "OK." And thus this adventure was born.

We are both doing blogs (Dueling blogs?). She already wins with the photo at the top...not that it is a competition. I will be posting some dry info (weather, how many steps that day, etc.) as well as some wet info (photos, hight points, low points, an anecdote or two) and then writing a piece for AARP with the aforementioned title...

Oh and her blog is here:

Stay tuned for more...