Monday, May 19, 2014

Day one and a half in Scotland!!

Lovely Long trip across the ocean starting with a sweet sendoff by one friend, interrupted with an amazing layover in Boston with dear friends from my youth!! That Mt. Auburn Cemetary in Cambride is a great walk this time of year!! There were three legs of the trip (and a desperate - yet successful - dash in the Dublin airport). A leisurely caffeine filled wait in the cute little Edinburgh airport for Linda arriving from London.

!!!Warning, warning, I have not slept for over 36 hours, so my non-linearity is running rampant!!!

The bus ride to town was fun, then we sat in the park and fiddled with various electronic devices attempting to contact our wonderful airbnb hostess, Sally. Eventually we connected.

And, OMG, check out what is just ACROSS THE STREET from our place...


Before Linda arrived I availed myself of the tooth buddy in the loo (do they call it that in Scotland too?)

(it was yummy!)

You can tell with some signs that you are not in Kansas anymore, like this one on the stairs to the RyanAir airplane.

We did lots of walking around town (more on that tomorrow) and lucky for you most of my photos are stuck on my camera till I get back, but there are a couple I took with the I device.

Whiski was the name of the amazing restaurant we went to. Here are some shots.

Happy Linda at the table:

Happy Sarah in the loo:

And another shot because it is just so much fun (and there I am in the mirror again).

OK it is 10:20 and it is finally dark, and this post took way longer than it should have. 

Oh, and I walked 8120 steps today...can't wait to see how many there will be on the 21 mile day!

Sweet dreams, everyone!!

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