Thursday, May 22, 2014

First hike day!!

We survived day one of the East Highland Way. No rain, yay!! Though lots of clouds were present.

Miles walked: 11.8 (or so)
Steps stepped: 27,265 (or so)
Temps: low 50s (perfect hiking weather, not too hot, not too cold - and a brisk breeze to keep the midges at bay)

Adventures here and there, but one clearly cosmic moment of the day - hiking angels arrived just when we needed them - see in photo narrative below.

At the Distant Hills Guest House in Spean Bridge getting ready to go to dinner nearby. Thinking we might have a little scotch to celebrate the first day.

Enjoy the photos below and cheers to all from across the pond.

Retaliatory photos as we start out on the East Highland Way.

Yikes!! Road flooded?? 

Oh, phew, a footbridge.

Some very Hobbity looking forest views, lovely moss, ferns and foliage.

That yellow blurry stuff is gorse, all over the place! Linda is the botanist on the hike.

Lunch selfie:

Lumbering nearby:

And then the cosmic hikers came, just as we were worrying about a bull we had come upon in a field:

They said, yes, he does look menacing, but they are harmless. We were actually considering backtracking and walking around the field, but luckily the hikers from Switzerland arrived just in time. Cosmic!!!

Additional cute animals:

Spean Bridge...

Onwards to day two! And good luck to the team of Alaina and Laath (Daisy Me Rollin') in the final round of the Mario Kart Tournament!! Adventures all over the world!!